How to start your custom basketball

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How to get started?

1. Contact us, you can contact us in the following ways.

2. Material and size.

If you know the material and size of the ball you want, please let us know directly,

If you don't know what material is right for you, you can tell us what you want the ball to be used for (games, training, gifts...) and we'll recommend what material and size

3. Customized LOGO

If you want to customize your unique logo, please provide us the vector file, if not, we have a professional design team who can design your logo for you. And provide the pattern and confirm with you.

4. About price and shipping

Tell us how much you would like to order. We will give you the best price.

We will choose the shipping method for you according to your needs

5. Confirm order and invoice

We will confirm your order details with you several times to ensure that your order is correct. After confirming your order with you, we will invoice you.

6. Payment

You can pay with the payment method you want.

7. Production and Shipping

Once we receive your payment, we will produce the product you want for you as soon as possible,

After the product is completed, we will confirm with you again that the delivery address is correct. We then ship your product and provide you with a tracking number.